Review of the AUSU Transformer Tablet PC and Docking station

After using Android based phones for about a year , I decided to start programming for the Android O/S . I played around with programming my phone and discovered that my fingers were just too big and fat to really get maximum usage out of the phone. My next step was to get a Android based tablet to play with and hopefully learn how to program the thing .

After reading the reviews and looking at the demo models I decided on the AUSU Transformer because of two features , The docking station and the price . I have been a fan of ASUS net books and there other computer components and felt that if they produced a product it was going to be quality and I was not disappointed.

A few day ago I purchased the tablet and took it with me on a trip to Seattle from Anchorage. Wherever I was at the WiFi work with no problem and I could surf the Web and check e-mail . Right out of the box it's pretty sparse on applications , you got to get on the app store and down load a few things to get you going. I did some research on the development side and found out that the version of Android on the device was 3.2 a recently released version and that it will be a little while till all the existing application get ported to it. The developers needed to port there apps to the larger screen .

Even allowing for the small amount of apps currently available the device still proved very useful , being about the size of a book made it a snap to carry or store in my carry on bag. The built in camera was nice to take snaps along the way. It comes loaded with one book "Alice in Wonderland" , but the book application included with the device lets you read any e-book that you may have . It reads the "EPub" format and a few others. I was able to surf on the included browser over to the Gutenberg Project and download books right to the device and read them. I really liked the page turning animations , it's like reading a book for real.

The docking station is a must for me , I love the keyboard and touch pad . The additional SD card slot and USB ports will come in handy as I expand my usage of the device. The tablet snaps into the dock quite easily and comes off with a simple push of a switch.

docking station

When you got the tablet docked you have a netbook , it looks just like a AUSU eee pc but it is encased in a metal shell that adds protection .


Separately they look like this
side by side