Ubuntu 10.04

Over the course of the years I have installed and used all kinds of different Linux distributions . As the Operating System progresses I will switch from one distribution to another in order to enjoy the new or improved feature set. My most recent desktop switch has been from Fedora to Ubuntu . This happen two years ago . As you can see I move at a glacial pace in some matters and my distro is one area where I like to take my time. I like to give any distro time to shake out the bugs and to find where it's headed.

My first Ubuntu install was 8. something , I maintained it on a development box and as upgrades were released eventual upgraded it to the current version 10.04. I watched as things got broken then fixed and evolved into it's present state. It has become a very usable operating system and it's desktop version is catered to the average computer user . Now I would classify myself as a power user and as such Really don't need to be protected from the system , that said the main problem for me with Ubuntu is having to go through the "sudo" process every time I want to do something. I use Linux not only in user space running programs but also in administration space . I have gotten use to the process by now but I still don't like it. Some of you are thinking , "well use something else then " , I could but in spite of my pet peeve it's a great OS and I like all the other features.

Last week I even placed in on an little net book that I will be using to develop a appliance with . It installed alongside XP without a problem and lives in harmony on that little device. I was empressed enough to try it on my full sized notebook thats running Win 7 home addition . During the process of the install , I learned that all the partitions on the drive were in use, it looked like I was stuck with win7 ; Ubuntu 10.04 to the rescue ! on the CD I down loaded off the net was a nifty program for installing onto an existing windows system. It's called "Wubi" ; That stands for Ubuntu installer for windows. All I had to do was to run wubi.exe and Ubuntu was installed as just another windows program , an entry was made in the windows boot loader and I was able to launch Ubuntu or windows at will. I'm not sure how it's being engendered but I suspect the good folks at Ubuntu may be using the old UMDOS file system with their own special tweaks as the basis of this method.

Install Screen:
Boot Screen:

After several days of playing with this new release as well as using the upgraded version I think I can say I'm sticking with it for a wile . At least till I hear of some got to have feature in another distro . So far I have been able to do every thing I needed doing from writing code to graphic and video production , installing new software is a breeze with the Synatic package manager . I run both KDE and gnome desktop managers on two different systems. I often run applications for KDE inside of Gnome so far most every things works error free. My computers run 24/7 and I haven't yet had any problems , rebooting only to try a new kernel release or upgrade.

I recommend you give this release a try , as with all of Ubuntu releases you don't have to install it , you can run it from a live CD or USB stick now even install it as a windows program .